IDP Pharma is a clinical stage company that develops drugs that finally modulate the function of IDPs, key human disease drivers in cancer and beyond.

IDP-121, our most advanced asset, is a first in class drug approved to start clinical trials to fight multiple myeloma, an incurable cancer.

Our patented innovation IDP-121 addresses for the first time the underlying cause leading to the appearance of myeloma cells, a long-quested therapy by the pharmaceutical industry.

IDP Pharma


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¿Por qué Capital Cell invierte en esta empresa?

For a long time, it was believed that all proteins in the body had a defined 3D structure, which is what allowed scientists to study and develop therapies against them. However, just over two decades ago, intrinsically disordered proteins (IDPs) were discovered, which we now know make up half of the proteins in the human genome and whose dysregulation is associated with the development of numerous diseases.

Due to their lack of structure and "invisibility" to treatment research, they have been considered out of reach of pharmaceutical companies for years. But is it possible to treat what cannot be seen? IDP Pharma firmly believes that it is.

IntrameticsTM is the biotechnology platform designed by IDP Pharma to create molecules that directly inhibit and degrade IDPs, thus restoring healthy homeostasis in cells. The preclinical results of IDP-121 have clearly validated its mechanism of action and efficacy in animal models, and have been published in the prestigious scientific journal "Cancer Research".

IDP Pharma is a platform that already has five drug candidates, one licensing agreement, one co-development agreement, and a product, IDP-121, approved to initiate clinical trials in the treatment of multiple myeloma. In addition, its management and advisory team includes Nobel laureates, former members of AstraZeneca, Celegne and Pfizer, and scientists with over 15 years of experience in IDP research.

IDP Pharma can offer investors a quick exit opportunity upon completion of Phase I clinical trials by the end of 2025. This exit could range from the sale of the company (x12) to the licensing of its intellectual property, with an initial payment and a possible final return of x15 once IDP-121 is fully developed in 2028.

Riesgos principales

IDP-121 has demonstrated its efficacy in animal models, but it is still in the pre-clinical stage prior to starting Phase I clinical trials. In this trial, the product will be tested on humans for the first time to evaluate side effects, determine the appropriate dosage, and observe initial efficacy results. Many drugs in development fail during these phases.

If IDP achieves good results but fails to find an early exit, it will need to face the subsequent stages of clinical development. To accomplish this, it will have to secure additional funding to advance with getting its product onto the market.

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Transforming cancer treatment forever: unlocking IDPs, the invisible targets

The Company

IDP Pharma is a clinical stage biotechnological company that develops therapies to treat incurable cancers. The company is exclusively focused on developing first time ever drugs directly targeting a fundamental class of disease drivers, intrinsically disordered proteins (IDPs), thanks to its novel intrameticsTM platform.

The companys' most advanced asset, IDP-121, is the first drug that addresses the underlaying cause of multiple myeloma, an incurable cancer. The current financing round will allow progression of IDP-121 in Phase I/II clinical trials in multiple myeloma patients, reaching a licensing agreement or company acquisition deal with a top pharmaceutical company.

The driving force

In 2015, Drs Laura Nevola and Santiago Esteban founded IDP Pharma to break through the emerging field of intrinsically disordered proteins (IDPs), key players in human disease that remain out of reach to the pharmaceutical industry. The founders bring two decades decoding the mysteries of IDP proteins, recognised by the scientific community in the late 90´s. Today, IDP Pharma has become a clinical stage company leading the development of therapies directed to IDPs, disbelieved for long and now named to become one of the next revolutions.

The opportunity: IDPs, "the invisible proteins"

Intrinsically Disordered Proteins (IDPs) represent half of the human proteins, perform a plethora of cellular functions and play key roles in human disease, including cancer, respiratory and metabolic diseases, neurological disorders, and skin disorders.

Due to their extreme flexibility the structure of IDPs can not be determined and, as a result, IDPs remain as ¨invisible targets¨. This contrasts with classical, rigid proteins, such as enzymes, targeted by the pharmaceutical industry.

Lack of technologies to design drugs for these "invisible proteins" leave many medical opportunities unrealized, resulting in lack of therapies or partially effective treatments.

Our solution: IntrameticsTM

Thanks to a whole new concept, IDP Pharma´s IntrameticsTM proprietary technology enables for the first-time the direct inhibition and cellular degradation of IDPs, restoring healthy homeostasis in cells. Our successful track record is proven by the consolidation of the largest pipeline to date exclusively focused on disordered proteins. Our technological platform has successfully delivered five drug candidates, with IDP-121 at clinical stage to treat  multiple myeloma patients.

Differential strategy

IDP Pharma tackles human diseases by delivering drugs that directly inhibit IDP proteins master regulators, master regulators of the initiation and progression of multiple diseases. Other technologies address the pathways that lead to the activation of IDPs (upstream intervention) or the pathways activated by the IDP itself (downstream intervention). As there are multiple pathways that activate an IDP and multiple pathways activated by one IDP, no drug can block them all, making such strategies ineffective or partially effective.

For the case of multiple myeloma, IDP-121 direct inhibiton of the key protein trigeering the appearance of the diesase represents an unprecedent strategy to provide a resolutive treatment for an incurable cancer.

Intellectual property (IP)

IDP Pharma owns five first-in-class products protected by eight composition of matter patents (highest level of protection), with four patents already granted at international level (Europe, USA, China, etc).

Products and partnerships

The company´s pipeline focuses on incurable cancers, with five first in class products targeting multiple myeloma, lung cancer, small cell lung cancer, breast cancer, and glioblastoma, among others. Current licenses and partnerings include development by third parties of IDP products in ophthalmological, respiratory and dermatological disorders.

In 2023 the company consolidated its position by reaching three fundamental milestones:

  • Innovation: Our first drug candidate, IDP-121, reached clinical stage of development, bringing forward a long-awaited therapy in cancer.
  • Industry validation: A co-development program with a pharma company for respiratory diseases is ongoing.
  • Market traction: A license option was signed with a USA Biotech for ophthalmological diseases.

Our mission is to transform the treatment of incurable cancers, forever.

Nuestro equipo

Equipo directivo

Santiago Esteban
Chief Executive Officer
  • IDP Pharma co-founder focused on strategic growth and business development
  • 15 years of experience in IDPs and advanced computational methods
  • 8 patents in the oncology field
  • Ph.D in chemistry
Laura Nevola
Chief Scientific Officer/Chief Operation Officer
  • IDP Pharma co-founder leading R&D operations
  • Several de novo drugs designed (advanced peptidomimetics)
  • 8 patents in the oncology field
  • Ph.D in Medicinal Chemistry
Laura Orozco
Head of Finance
  • Senior financial director
  • Specialized in the biotech field and biotech startups
  • Managing IDP's financial department since 2015
Tim Hammond
VP Safety and Pharmacology
  • 35 years of experience in pharmaceutical drug Discovery and Development.
  • Former Vice President of Safety Assessment in the UK for AstraZeneca, responsible for the full oncology portfolio
  • Several oncology drugs developed, including registration of Iressa and Olaparib.
Ella Koretz
Chief Bussines Officer
  • Business Development and Marketing professional
  • Strong expertise in licensing and partnering deals in the biotech arena.
  • Skilled in negotation deals world wide (USA, EU, China and Japan)
Kevin Lynch
  • Highly experienced industry physician
  • Former VP clinical development Asia-Pacific at Celgene; CMO and Director at Antengene and Medical Director at Novartis
  • Led multi-disciplinary medical teams that developed and successfully launched transformational medicines in oncology.

Equipo clave

Fabiana Subrizi
Head of R&D
Fernanda Montenegro
Head of Biology
David Molina
Clinical Operations


Sir Peter J. Ratcliffe (Nobel Laureate)
Scientific Advisory Board
Dean Felsher
Scientific Advisory Board
Andrew Spencer
Scientific Advisory Board
Tomi Sawyer
Scientific Advisory Board
David Heimbrook
Scientific Advisory Board
Jane Jonhson
Scientific Advisory Board