Corify Care raises €2.35 million to bring its cardiac mapping technology to market Genesis Biomed - 06/07/2023

"The investment round is led by Clave Capital, which has the investment of CDTI through its Innvierte program and the support of Genesis Biomed "

Bio & Tech Smart Capital injects 500,000 euros in Oncostellae Expansion - 04/07/2023

"The fund promoted by the Zendal group invests 500,000 euros and joins the board of the Galician biopharmaceutical company."

Exheus launches its AI-enabled gene analysis platform. La Vanguardia - 06/28/2023

"Exheus launches Beyond You, an AI-enabled gene analysis platform to improve personalized health diagnosis and treatment"

Time is Brain to receive 3.3 million from EIC Accelerator program Twelfth Floor- 10/05/2023

"The Catalan company, creator of a device to improve the prognosis of ischemic stroke, will receive 3.3 million from the EIC Accelerator program."

Cuideo awarded by RAC1 with the DRAC award La Vanguardia - 04/17/2023

"The award for innovation in wellness , has been awarded to Cuideo, for its commitment to helping families care for the elderly and dependent people at home."

Airway Shield wins South Summit Brazil 2023 La Vanguardia - 01/04/2023

"Spanish startup Airway Shield, specializing in medical devices, has won the competition for best startup project in the Health category of the South Summit Brazil 2023 international competition."

Admit to receive up to $1.8 million to bring its Alzheimer's device to market Plant 12 - 03/15/2023

"The Spanish company captures this investment from the Diagnostics Accelerator of the Alzheimer's Drug Discovery Foundation, which will help it in the clinical validation and regulatory approval of its technology."

The American journal "Journal of Clinical Oncology" publishes a clinical study conducted by the Spanish biotechnology company Hawk Biosystems. Deia - 02/23/2023

"Lung cancer is the fourth leading cause of death worldwide and 47% of patients diagnosed with the disease may not be receiving the most appropriate treatment.

These are data from the clinical study conducted by the Basque company, Hawk Biosystems, which has just been published by the most prestigious international scientific journal in the field of cancer, the American "Journal of Clinical Oncology" (JCO).

Vytrus Biotech, the most successful exit of the year 2022 on the BME Growth stock market vozpopuli - 02/22/2023

"Vytrus Biotech, a company specializing in plant stem cell-derived active ingredients for the cosmetics industry, has had a 98% revaluation in 2022."

PREVECOL® now available at HM Hospitales Group. Amadix - 07/02/2023

"PreveCol® the blood test for AMADIX for the early detection of colorectal cancer is now available at the Hyper Early Diagnosis office in the hospitals of the HM Hospitales Group.

Et is indicated for the early detection of colorectal cancer and/or precancerous lesions in asymptomatic individuals between 50 and 75 years of age. "

Dr. José Manuel Soria, CSO of Exheus, publishes a study in the most prestigious journal in the world of oncology. Hospital de Sant Pau - 07/02/2023

" Dr. José Manuel Soria, MD, has published in the most important scientific journal in the world of oncology, Journal of Clinical Oncology, a study on a new tool for the prediction of thrombosis in oncology patients.

The tool, called ONCOTHROMB, combines clinical and genomic patient data, and has demonstrated excellent predictive capacity; it has the ability to identify 34% of patients who will suffer a thromboembolic event and 94% of patients who do not need treatment with anticoagulants.

This study pioneers the application of genetics in the measurement of thrombosis risk in cancer."

Arjuna Therapeutics, among the best tech startups in the world. El Español - 12/01/2023

"Arjuna Therapeutics has been selected among the best tech startups globally, and is featured in Hello Tomorrow's Medical and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology category, which has compiled a ranking of finalists engaged in developing disruptive innovations from across industries."

Ability Pharma prepares its debut on Euronext. Expansion - 10/01/2023

"The biotech company Ability Pharma has begun preparations to go public. The company led by Carles Domènech does not have an exact date to join one of Euronext's alternative markets, but wants to be readyto do so when the economic scenario is favorable, market sources say. "

Devicare launches its new product Metiofitin on Amazon. Devicare - 12/12/2022

"Devicare reports the launch of Methiophytin®; the only product on the market that allows acidifying urine to maximize the efficacy of antibiotics by increasing the concentration of their bioactive form.

With Metiofitin® you can reduce urinary tract infections more effectively and/or reduce the amount of antibiotic needed to achieve this. It is the result of years of research in collaboration with urologists throughout Spain."

Biohope has reached a distribution agreement with the company Palex. The Economist - 11/15/2022

"The test to be used in Spain for kidney transplant recipients represents a breakthrough in personalized medicine. This new healthcare approach, for which the Government has just announced an investment of 40 million euros to deploy in the autonomous communities the so-called 5P Plan, which aims to use devices such as the one proposed by Biohope. With uses such as this device, it will be possible to choose the most appropriate treatment and reduce failures."

Methinks 2.5 million euros in European funds to strengthen its technology against stroke. PlantaDoce- 07/11/2022

"The European Innovation Council is awarding this grant to the company, although the company may be eligible for up to fifteen million euros of investment through the EIC Fund. The resources will allow the company to continue developing its artificial intelligence (AI) system against stroke, generate more scientific evidence and help bring the product to market. "There are very disruptive technologies, but there is no venture capital for such disruptive projects," as the executive explains."

Neuraxpharm enters the digital health market with a wearable device developed by mjn-neuro that triggers a warning in the event of an epileptic seizure PMFarma - 10/26/2022

"Neuraxpharm Group, a leading European pharmaceutical company specializing in the treatment of Central Nervous System (CNS) disorders, and mjn-neuro, a start-up that designs, produces and sells medical devices, have announced the signing of a commercialization agreement for mjn-SERAS, a wearable medical device that can predict the risk of suffering an epileptic seizure."

Devicare launches new product on the market that avoids the complications of urological device use Apte - 10/25/2022

"Devicare, a company located at the UAB Research Park, launches Canoxidin®, the only product on the market that prevents complications from the use of urological devices, such as bladder catheters, ureteral catheters or nephrostomy tubes."

24 Genetics
24Genetics allies with Quirónsalud to sell its genetic tests Twelfth floor-05/10/2022

"The Spanish biotech firm has signed an agreement with the hospital operator under which the latter will now offer 24Genetics' genetic tests. In addition, the company has started operations in Boston (USA). "

Ducentis BioTherapeutics Agrees To Be Acquired By Arcutis For Up To $400 Mln Nasdaq-08/09/2022

" The Agreement values Ducentis at up to $400 million, including upfront cash payment of $16 million and Arcutis stock valued at about $14 million, plus future contingent payments based on development and commercial success. "

Rocío Arroyo, CEO of Amadix, awarded by the Federación Española de Mujeres Directivas (Spanish Federation of Women Executives) The Spanish - 09/08/2022

"Chosen by the Forbes list as a Protagonist of Change in 2022, distinguished for her career as a scientist, researcher and entrepreneur in the prevention and early detection of cancer."

Corify, the medical startup focused on cardiac arrhythmias, wins EmprendeXXI Awards in Madrid El Referente - 06/05/2022

"The startup Corify Care has won the EmprendeXXI Awards in Madrid, promoted by CaixaBank, through DayOne, its specialized division for technology and innovation companies and their investors, and co-sponsored by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism, through ENISA. In Madrid, the organization of the EmprendeXXI Awards is supported by the Madrid Chamber of Commerce and the Madrid+d Foundation."

Oculis and Accure Therapeutics Form Licensing Agreement for Glaucoma Drug Candidate PharmTech - 08/03/2022

"Oculis, a global ophthalmology company, announced on March 2, 2022 that it has formed a licensing agreement with Accure Therapeutics, a private translational neuroscience R&D company, granting Oculis exclusive global rights to develop and commercialize ACT-01, a drug candidate for glaucoma and other eye diseases."

Capital Cell 19.5M for biotech companies through 2021 El Referente - 07/03/2022

"Capital Cell, an online investment platform specializing in biotechnology and healthcare, has closed 2021 with more than €19 million in capital raised for this type of companies. This figure is 39% more than in 2020 and represents a new record for Capital Cell, which during last year closed financing rounds for 19 companies. The crowdfunding platform has participated since its birth in 2015 in 67 financing rounds for a total amount of €59 million."

Adan Medical launches device to combat anaphylactic shock theNBC - 01/17/2022

"The Barcelona-based startup of digital technology solutions for allergoprotection will open a financing round to raise one million euros to start marketing boxes containing adrenaline that can be installed in public spaces to tackle severe allergic reactions, cases of anaphylaxis."
Equity Crowdfunding for Biotech Startups: Does it work? Labiotech - 01/30/2019

"Over the past decade, crowdfunding has become a popular way to finance all kinds of projects and products. Biotech is no exception, but many question whether the high risk and long-term nature of investing in the biotech industry makes it suitable for equity crowdfunding."

Biotechnology is one of the most profitable sectors in recent years El Nuevo Lunes - 10/07/2018

"Investment in biotechnology is more profitable than real estate and the Internet, and onlinecrowfunding companies allow private investors to access these types of assets. In Spain we have very interesting technologies and we are making a really spectacular portfolio of investments through Spanish companies with high potential"

Capital Cell seeks funding to create an investment 'marketplace' with virtual currencies The Economist - 09/05/2018

"The goal is to create this 'marketplace' in which Capital Cell will be responsible for analyzing and filtering the best investment opportunities."

Capital Cell trades the stock market for cryptocurrencies. La Vanguardia - 03/05/2018

"We have been studying blockchain technology for six months now and it has become clear to us that our goals are best achieved with an ICO ( initial coin offering)."

How the first Spanish equity crowdfunding exit came about Entrepreneurs - 02/14/2018

"Gambling to determine whether contributing to saving lives can also become a profitable, sustainable business model and above all, focusing the primary focus on patients."

The key knowledge network behind Capital Cell The World - 02/19/2018

"The biomedical start-up investment platform is supported by a global network of experts who assess the technical feasibility of the initiatives." 

Catalan companies raise 54 million in alternative financing - La Vanguardia - 02/20/2018

"SMEs and start-ups are the main users of new crowdfunding tools."

In Oliver's opinion, biotechnology ``is the most profitable sector in the world``. El Periodico - 06/07/2017

"From 2002 to 2015, the IBB Nasdaq index, which groups these types of companies, has accumulated a return of 448% compared to 235% for the S&P 500."

Catalan platform Capital Cell to open a subsidiary in the UK - 06/20/2016

"The CEO of Capital Cell, Daniel Oliver, has advanced that he will locate the headquarters of this subsidiary in Cambridge, "which is the most important hub in Europe in biotechnology," he said."

Derma Innovate launches its hair regeneration technology Digital Journalist- 07/28/2023

"Derma Innovate, a leading company in the development of solutions for hair regeneration, is in the final phase of launching its project on the market."

8 Spanish startups to watch out for, say investors Sifted - 10/07/2023

"VCs from Mundi Ventures, Seaya Ventures, Seaya Andromeda and JME Ventures shared the Spanish startups they have their sights set on."

Arjuna wins Oncology Upward Investment Award Arjuna - 05/06/2023

"Arjuna Therapeutics recently received the prestigious award at the MEET2WIN Oncology Convention in Bordeaux, France."

The 27 Barcelona startups to watch out for in 2023 Seedtable - 04/18/2023

"5 of our portfolio companies included by Seedtable among the most promising deep tech startups in our ecosystem for this 2023"

First international patent against infections in urological devices. Last hour- 08/04/2023

"The University of the Balearic Islands and the company Devicare bring to market the compound Canoxidin, which avoids complications in the use of catheters and probes"

Asisa chooses mediQuo to expand its telemedicine services. Insurance News - 02/28/2023

"Asisa highlights that it has more than 2.8 million policyholders to whom it offers a wide range of healthcare coverage, both face-to-face and remote. "The alliance with mediQuo will allow Asisa to advance in its bid to position itself as a leading insurance company also in telemedicine," says the company."

Cardiva to distribute Varixio exclusively in Spain Medical editorial - 02/20/2023

"VB Devices and Cardiva have announced this Monday that the latter will assume the exclusive distribution of Varixio in Spain, giving continuity to the commercialization started by VB Devices itself in 2021."

Methinks receives CE mark for its artificial intelligence-based stroke classification software. Neuronews - 02/26/2023

"Methinks has announced the receipt of CE marking for its artificial intelligence-based medical imaging software, Methinks Stroke Suite,
which will allow it to be commercialized in Europe and assist in emergency settings for the benefit of acute stroke patients."

Approval in France of Glycoscience's first product. Glycoscience - 02/16/2023

"Glycoscience announces that they have been approved by France as the first country in which they will market Glyco-Protec®. It is the best topical insect repellent in the world, thanks to its natural, non-toxic components and its high level of efficacy, superior to anything known until now. It is also the first in a range of repellents with improved characteristics that will redefine the world market for this type of product.

In parallel, Glycoscience reports that it has started industrial production activities. "

Europe supports first blood test for early detection of Alzheimer's developed by ADmit Therapeutics. European Commission - 23/01/2023

"The system, developed by ADmit Therapeutics, is expected to reach the market by the end of this year and will represent a giant step forward in the fight against Alzheimer's disease. "

Time is Brain prepares its jump to Germany and the Netherlands in 2024. Twelfth floor - 10/01/2023

"The Spanish company, which has created a medical device for improving the prognosis of ischemic stroke, hopes to begin commercial activity in Europe once it completes clinical validation studies.

The Spanish company will receive 5.8 million euros from the European Commission, through the European Innovation Council (EIC) accelerator. This aid will enable progress to be made in the company's strategic plan for the coming years."

Vytrus Biotech registers its first patent for the prevention and treatment of hair loss. Pharma Market - 09/01/2023

"Vytrus Biotech, a company specializing in plant stem cell-derived active ingredients for the cosmetic industry, has announced that it has obtained approval of its first patent for the prevention and treatment of hair loss in Europe, the United States and Japan."

Oxolife will receive 2.4 million for a new infertility treatment. Expansion - 12/13/2022

"The Ministry of Science and Innovation, through the State Plan for Scientific Research, will inject 2.4 million euros into Oxolife to carry out a clinical trial for a new treatment against infertility in cases of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome.
The trial will be conducted together with the University of Cordoba and represents a huge boost for the company's product portfolio. "

Susana Castel (FrontWave), leader of a new list of women entrepreneurs Investing - 11/16/2022

" The co-founder and CEO of the company FrontWave Imaging, Susana Castel, has been chosen by the university EAE Business School of Barcelona the first among the 10 best women entrepreneurs in Catalonia. "

The veterinary company Vetilea and AntalGenics collaborate on a line of products to treat dermatitis in animals. elperiodic- 11/14/2022

"Thus, this animal health firm has incorporated the ingredient developed by AntalGenics into its new product line, creating a topical solution to treat the skin of animals prone to dermatitis."

The Spanish biotech company Biohope has been awarded in the US for its innovation Immunobiogram. Pharmatech - 03/11/2022

"Biohope is the first Spanish biotech to win the Lyfebulb-Veloxis Innovation Challenge award in the United States, for its novel IVD Kit called Immunobiogram®, which allows physicians to optimize immunosuppressive therapy in kidney transplant patients."

The Pre-Market Environment welcomes Onalabs BME - 10/24/2022

"The Pre-Market Environment (EpM), BME's acceleration programme within the process of incorporating companies into the financial markets, has grown with the incorporation today of the companies Onalabs, Ludium, Vamos and V2C. The program now comprises 24 companies."

Vytrus awarded at Cosmetorium 2022 Vytrus- 04/10/2022

"The winning formulation of Vytrus (Purple Rain : Microbiota re-youth peel-off mask), is an innovative, effective and sustainable mask thanks to the careful choice of all its components, from the ingredients to the packaging."

Ability Pharma receives $2 million from government for its cancer treatment Plant twelve-13/10/2022

"The Catalan company has received the amount as non-dilutive funding from the Ministry of Science and Innovation to accelerate the regulatory pathway for its anti-cancer autophagy indicator ABTL0812, adds Domènech. The drug has been shown to be able to induce cancer cell death through autophagy (self-digestion)."

Hipra buys digestive testing startup Goodgut Chronicle- 10/09/2022

"Hipra has closed the acquisition, announced in August, of biotechnology startup GoodgutThe acquisition of the biotech startup, specialized in the research and development of diagnostic tests for digestive diseases, was announced in August. The objective of this operation is to strengthen the Human Health division of the Girona-based pharmaceutical company."

U.S. simplifies approval of Mallorcan company Laminar's anti-tumor drug last minute- 09/15/2022

"The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has granted fast-track designation to the molecule LAM561, developed by the Majorcan company Laminar Pharmaceutical to fight glioblastoma, an aggressive type of cancer that is generated in the brain or spinal cord and has a very high mortality rate within a few months of diagnosis."

Cuideo obtains 5 million from Atresmedia and Capital Cell to finance its growth TheNBP- 07/14/2022

"Inderhabs Investments -from investor Pere Botet- and Mundi Ventures also participated in the Series B round. The Barcelona-based startup of home care for the elderly plans to accelerate its implementation in France and is negotiating agreements to develop hand in hand with insurance companies."

Iproteos and Bionure become part of Accure Therapeutics IRB - 05/25/2022

"For its creation, Accure Therapeutics has completed a €7.6 million investment round that will allow it to develop its product portfolio and acquire Iproteos and Bionure - a company specialized in the development of neuroprotective agents, based at the Parc Científic de Barcelona. The investment round has been led by Alta Life Sciences and has been supported by the Center for Technological and Industrial Development (CDTI)."

Vytrus up 25% on its stock market debut La Vanguardia- 03/15/2022

"The biotech, founded by Albert Jané and Oscar Expósito, who control 40% of the share capital, has a 33% free float, shares distributed among 262 small investors who largely entered a crowfunding operation led by Capital Cell in 2017, and who have multiplied the value of their investment in the company."

Antalgenics wins the V edition of the Chemostart program, of the Insud Pharma group. The referent - 01/24/2022

"The social scope of each of the projects and their impact on making the work of medical professionals easier, as well as their innovative nature and their scientific and clinical evidence were some of the jury's determining criteria for selecting the winners."

The startup Airway Shield closes a round in less than 24 hours through Capital Cell theNBP- 08/28/2021

"The company has obtained the 320,000 euros it was asking for through the Barcelona-based equity crowdfunding platform in a very short time, becoming the third company to achieve this, after the success stories of Corify and Time is Brain."

Capital CellInvestors are looking for a place to nest and biotechnology is very obvious''. El Periódico-11/03/2021

"It turns out that the pandemic has made it clear that we need science, innovation and research, were we in the right place at the right time? Yes, but because at the time we made a courageous and tremendously logical bet to look to the future and think long term."

Capital Cell captures €700,000 in funding in four days. ABC - 09/05/2018

"Capital Cell, Europe's first online investment platform specialized in biotechnology and medicine, has raised €700,000 in its third round of funding, the target set, although it will be open to new investors until it reaches €1.1 million."

Capital Cell captures €700,000 in funding in four days El Periódico - 09/05/2018

"Capital Cell has raised 100% of its planned capital in four days, money that will go toward creating the first initial coin offering (ICO) marketplace in healthcare using blockchain technology, it said in a statement today."

The Blockchain, disruptive in our healthcare

"We will see applications that will allow patient-controlled access and distribution of their data with blockchain, these will represent a revolution in the use of medical resources and their management."

Despite biomedicine being one of the most profitable sectors in the world, scientists struggle to commercialize their products COPE - 01/16/2018

"There are more cancer solutions than we realize that stay inside a box and don't make it to market because of a lack of financial liquidity."

Capital Cell has two active 'crowdfunding' campaigns for cancer treatments. Telecinco - 02/20/2018

"There is a lack of capital to get knowledge out of hospitals and universities that in the end does not reach the market as a treatment. Many physicians have databases of countless patients that well linked could help create products to improve diagnostics. Crowdfunding is an effective way to bring cancer products to market."

Capital Cell plans to raise 4.8 million this year in Spain and the UK Entrepreneurs - 02/14/2018

"Capital Cell expects to close the year with €4.8 million raised in Spain and the United Kingdom, representing a 44% increase in financing volume compared to 2016"

Capital Cell raises €4.4 million for biotech projects The referent - 06/29/2017

"Through equity crowdfunding we have created a marketplace where anyone can invest today in the pharmaceutical companies of tomorrow. We are very pleased that Capital Cell 's activity has taken off so quickly and has had this incredible reception."