Affirma Biotech is developing new drugs that stimulate the immune system to contribute to the eradication of a wide range of infections. Our primary objective is to provide a functional cure for chronic Hepatitis B, the most prevalent serious liver infection in the world.



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Chronic Heptitis B and other serious infections

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Why is Capital Cell investing in this company?

The discovery of the mechanisms to reactivate the immune system against tumour cells and other pathogens received the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2018, and immunotherapy treatments have without a doubt become one of the biggest medical advances of the century.

Nevertheless, these treatments are still an emerging technology, which means that they remain expensive and fairly unreliable, as were the first cars, computers and telephones.

Affirma Biotech has generated a totally innovative technology that uses simple chemical molecules to achieve the same effect as many complex treatments with antibodies and immunotherapy. This technology allows the treatments to be much cheaper, which opens the door to using them for lower "priority" diseases than cancer; their first use will be for Hepatitis B (300 million people affected and 1 million deaths annually).

The first clinical trials show comparable efficacy to PD1/PDL1 drug already on the market, with the potential to be 10x cheaper, more practical and with fewer side effects. the project is still in a very early phase, but if they do reach the market the value of this technology will be enormous.

In addition, Affirma is led by entrepreneurs and advisors that have managed to get more than 10 drugs to the clinical phase, and they are backed by some of the most reputable investors in the Spanish biotechnology sector, such as Antonio Parente, Manuel Rodríguez, Alfons Hidalgo and Luis Ruiz-Ávila.

Main risks

The project is in the initial stages of development and requires time to mature before it will be in a position to awaken the interest of the industry and be successfully commercialised. The company will have to select the best candidate and make sure of its safety and efficacy in subsequent clinical trials.

As such, the Affirma Biotech team is facing the challenge of making it through multiple investment rounds to obtain the capital necessary to carry out the clinical trials of their drug candidate. The company is aware of this situation and has started to establish preliminary contacts with investment funds to ensure they obtain the required financial backing.

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Next generation immunotherapies for infectious diseases and cancer

Affirma Biotech was created in 2020 with the objective of developing new drugs for the treatment of infectious diseases that uses the innovative strategy of stimulating the immune system of the patient (Host Directed Therapy).

Long-lasting infectious diseases cause exhaustion of the T cells, key cells of the immune system, leading to a deficient immune response, and consequently, the persistence of the illness. Similar strategies in the last decade have revolutionised the treatment of cancer, but there has been little development in the area of sever infections. The development of the Affirma Biotech’s new compounds is therefore an excellent opportunity to achieve significant improvements in the approach to these indications.

There is a long list of illnesses that lead to T cell exhaustion, including a range of different viral infections, such as chronic hepatitis B, cytomegaloviruses and influenza viruses; persistent bacterial infections, like the colonisation of Pseudomonas aureginosa in patients with cystic fibrosis, some fungal infections and various types of tumours. Thus, the development of new drugs to reverse this mechanism of action allows us to treat a wide range of diseases.

Among all of these indications, Affirma Biotech has strategically selected the treatment of chronic hepatitis B as lead indication. We are dealing here with a disease that currently has no functional cure, and that causes approximately 900.000 deaths per year, since 20% of the 290M people that suffer from this disease on a global level run the risk of developing life-threatening complications like cirrhosis or hepatocellular carcinoma, which is the third most common cause of death by cancer.

The chronic hepatitis B market, valued at an estimated 5,2B$ in 2029 in the 9 major markets, in which China clearly dominates with 65% of the market. In addition, it is a market in which existing patents will expire within the next two years and which will enter a phase of predominately generic products. Pharmaceutical companies will therefore be looking for synergies and compounds to start new periods of treatment protection.

To develop PD-1/PD-L1 inhibitors that restore the activity of the T cells, Affirma Biotech has carried out an extensive program of medicinal chemistry to design new drugs, that are taken orally and are protected by a broad patent of recent priority. Our compounds have been confirmed to stimulate the immune system when faced with an infectious stimulus in cellular models form healthy donors, to levels similar to those seen in treatments for cancer.

The objective of the present round is to optimise the pharmacological properties of the company’s products and to confirm efficacy in in vivo models for the selected indications. Subsequently, we will look for additional investors for the regulatory development of our drugs.

Affirma has an entrepreneurial team lead by Maribel Berges, who has more than 25 years of experience in the Biotech sector, in which she has validated the business model that Affirma will be following, having obtained licenses on an international level for a number of the compounds developed in previous companies. What is more, she has organised significant funding rounds, managing to raise more than 25 million euros in the course of her career.   A number of well-known investors in the biotechnology sector are participating in Affirma, such as Alfons Hidalgo, Luis Ruiz, Antonio Parente and Reig Investments.

Our team

We have a multi-disciplinary team with extensive experience in the management of bio-pharmaceutical start-ups, the development of new medications and international business development in the pharmaceutical sector. We have the scientific and business know-how to keep progressing in our project and we are supported by alliances with expert providers that give us access to excellent-quality services to develop our pharmaceutical drugs.

Management team

Maribel Berges

Chemical Engineer with an MBA from IESE. She started her trajectory in R+D at Almirall Laboratories, where she was in charge of the industrial development of projects. Subsequently, she joined the University of Barcelona Bosch i Gimpera Foundation, where she directed the life sciences entrepreneurship programme. In the year 2009 she became a founding member of Spherium Biomed, a venture builder whose lead investor was Ferrer, where she occupied the positions of CFO and CBDO until the sale of teh company in 2019. Later, she became the CEO of Ability Pharmaceuticals, a clinical start-up in the oncology sector. She has managed over 25 million in investments in different drug development start-ups and closed international licencing deals for various medications with companies in China, Canada, Germany and Israel.

Anna Puigdollers

Degree in Economic and Business Sciences from the Pompeu Fabra Unversity and an MBA from IESE. She brings more than 20 years of experience as Financial, Operations and Transformation Director in innovative companies in growth phases to the table. Her position as CFO of the Bdigital Technology Centre stands out, and she coordinated the fusion with 4 other centres to create Eurecat. In the Building Center (Caixabank), she has managed transformation projects to improve the efficiency of a business to the value of 10.000 million €. She is currently CEO of Roundabout, a strategic and financial consultancy firm that offers its services to companies in their journey from start-up to scale-up.

Luis Ruiz-Ávila
Board Member

PhD in Biology and Executive Management Business Program from the IESE. He is a repeat entrepreneur with a long career in technology-based start-ups, and is currently the CEO of Leukos Biotec and Aquilón CYL. Previously he was also a founder of Spherium Biomed and CEO of Advancell. He brings his experience in the development of products in all stages of the value chain in the biotechnology sector to the table.

Àlex Garcia Reig
Board Member

Diploma in Business Studies from the University of Barcelona. Since 1992 he has been developing his professional career in the finance department of Reig Jofre, a Spanish company listed on the Continuous Market, where he is currently Vice President and member of the Board of Directors. He provides his experience in the financial management of projects in the biotechnology sector, as well as in the strategic growth of companies in the pharmaceutical sector.

Key team members

Alexandra Jiménez-Melsió
Scientific Project Manager


Dr. Xavier Forns
Medical Advisor
Dra. Pilar Lauzurica
Scientific Advisor - Immunology