StimuSIL is a new hair regrowth treatment with an effectiveness comparable to hair transplants. It offers high profit margins for clinicians and other administering professionals.

StimuSIL’s device uses proprietary technology to deliver lasers directly to the hair follicle. The treatment is a non-invasive procedure that takes 20 to 30 minutes. It’s already shown superior efficacy to minoxidil in preclinical studies.

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Why is Capital Cell investing in this company?

In recent years, there’s been a paradigm shift in the way health is understood. It is no longer just about treating diseases or ailments – it’s about promoting people's well-being and quality of life. In this sense, the aesthetic and hair loss prevention markets are examples of how increasing numbers of people care about their well-being and are willing to invest in their health and physical appearance.

Although the treatment market for the prevention and reversal of hair loss is constantly growing, there are numerous problems with existing solutions. Issues include unwanted side effects, high prices that limit access to all consumers, limited efficacy, and the need for expert surgeons for certain procedures.

StimuSIL wants to be to hair transplants what Botox was to facelift surgeries: A discreet, painless, and non-invasive solution that dramatically expands the current hair loss treatment market. In preclinical studies, this laser stimulation device has not only managed to stop hair loss – it has managed to promote the regrowth of a significant percentage of hair.

StimuSIL is embracing an "Israeli model" of global development, with an R&D center in Spain and a commercial and regulatory base in the United States. The project is led by a highly experienced team that has been a part of several exits, has more than 10 years of experience in the FDA, and includes key opinion leaders in aesthetics. In addition, StimuSIL has a key strategic partner: the largest distributor of aesthetic products in Turkey, which is a leading country in the hair loss field.

Main risks

StimuSIL technology has been validated and patented, reducing the risk of it not working. However, it is still facing the last clinical phase involving human studies, which presents a factor of uncertainty. If the upcoming test results are positive, the technology is expected to be successful. For the project to have a convincing "exit", it is essential to achieve commercial success. This involves achieving positive results in clinical trials, convincing KOLs, establishing a marketing network, and negotiating with major international companies to achieve sales targets.

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The non-invasive alternative to hair transplantation

A global opportunity of 300 billion euros

Currently, the medications available (like minoxidil and finasteride) have limited efficacy and are not fully available to women.

On the other hand, hair transplants are expensive, invasive, and painful. Many people won’t pursue this procedure due the scars and social stigma.

StimuSIL will be to hair transplants what Botox® was to facelift surgeries: A discreet, painless, non-invasive option that will dramatically expand the current market. 

StimuSIL is sold as a single-use device + cartridge combination.

StimuSIL has proprietary technology and a scalable business model.

When using conventional lasers, most of the light is blocked and lost due to the melanin layer of the skin, resulting in minimal beneficial effects. StimuSIL's precision system allows light to reach the hair follicle directly, maximizing the light’s benefit.

Clinic margins will be greater than 60% since lower-cost aesthetic assistants can also carry out the treatment.

Thanks to the economies of scale of consumables, StimuSIL's net margin is 80%.

Market launch in 2025

  • Pre-launch (2025): Using Key Opinion Leaders to build confidence in the product using success stories with Before and After photos.
  • Official Launch (2026): Creating global PPRR campaigns and regional clinic activation 
  • Working with leading dermatologists, trichologists, and aesthetic doctors
  • Collaboration with established distributors
  • From 2027 onward: Focus on improving productivity in clinics and expanding the use of cartridges

In the clinical testing phase

Currently conducting a pilot study to test efficacy and safety with 38 patients.

Promising efficacy results in mice: reversing up to 55% of induced alopecia.

Tests in pigs have demonstrated the safety of the device.

Project led by

Chairman: Pablo Villalba (2 exits)

CEO: Ana Villalba (formerly Head of Growth at Lingokids)

CSO: Dr. Mehmet Kosoglu (10+ years of FDA experience with two patents to his name)

CMO: Dr. Scott Gerrish (KOL in aesthetics and owner of two clinics in the US)

Our team

Management team

Pablo Villalba
  • 2-time founder: 8fit (Health & Fitness), Redbooth (SaaS)
  • 2 exits (2014, 2021)
  • 15 years of experience as CEO
  • Leading strategy and finance at StimuSIL
Ana Villalba
  • Head of Growth at Lingokids (Apps/mobile)
  • Senior engineer specializing in mechanics (ICAI University)
  • Leading operations, clinical studies, and marketing at StimuSIL
Mehmet Kosoglu, PhD
Chief Scientific Officer
  • 2 patents related to microneedles
  • Nearly 10 years of experience in medical devices, drug science, and regulation at the FDA
  • PhD, MS, and BS in Mechanical Engineering from Virginia Tech, Lehigh University, and Istanbul Technical University, respectively.
  • Leading regulatory and research areas at StimuSIL
Doctor Scott Gerrish
Chief Medical Officer
  • Key Opinion Leader (KOL) in Aesthetics
  • Owner of two clinics
  • Medical Director at Coolsculpting ($2.4bn exit)
  • Collaborations with Cutera, Syneron Candela, and MiraDry (leading medical device manufacturers)

Key team members

Juan Mazzuchelli
Chief Technical Officer (CTO)


Firat Yerlikaya, PhD
Founder and Managing Director at Elixir
Hugo Perís
CEO of Spiral Therapeutics
Doctor Edward Cole
Aesthetic doctor and oncologist