Become an investor in companies with high profitability and social impact.
Diversify and reduce risks.

We offer the possibility of investing in companies that have passed an exclusive analysis to try to reduce the implicit risk of any investment.

Our investment proposal for you

Why should you invest all of your capital in Capital Cell?


Exit of investment


potential return


of your investable capital


Minimum number of companies

  • Why 5-7 years?

    The companies we approve for investment are developing medical technology products that require complicated approvals, complex health checks or efficacy testing on thousands of patients.

    All of that takes time, and it is very rare that the technology will be ready for use or sooner than about 5 years.

    Therefore, don't invest money that you may need for several years! This investment is not to make a quick buck - it is rather to pay for your children's college.

  • Why is it so profitable?

    You invest in future drugs to cure cancer, or therapies to cure genetic diseases, or robots capable of operating with absolute precision.

    The market for any of these products is gigantic; it is not uncommon for a treatment for a minority disease to have sales in the hundreds of millions annually.

    Think about this: one dollar Invested in the early days of a company like Instagram went up in value 312 times in just two years.

  • Why not invest everything?

    Simple: because you will not be able to exchange this type of investment for money whenever you want, but will have to wait until the company is sold, pays dividends or is listed on the stock exchange.

    This means that you will not be able to get your money back in case you need it urgently. That is why you should keep some money in the bank, or invest in securities that you can convert into money (such as stock market shares, for example).

  • Why should I diversify?

    Not all the companies we approve at Capital Cell are going to succeed. They all have great teams, good technologies, good market strategies, etc., but market statistics tell us that at least half will fail.

    That is why it is important to understand that those companies that multiply our money by 20 will compensate those that make us lose our investment.

    If you invest in one or two companies, you can be very lucky and make a lot of money, or very unlucky and lose it all. But it's not about luck, it's about investing safely, and for that it's essential to diversify.

    Therefore, invest roughly the same amount of money in at least 10 companies and you will start to ensure positive returns.

One of the most profitable sectors

Biomedicine is one of the most profitable sectors in the world in the long term. Yes, more profitable than the Internet, and much more profitable than real estate.

Only the companies with the greatest potential

All of the companies we publish have successfully passed rigorous technical, legal and financial analysis and have been approved by a network of scientific opinion leaders, the BioExpert Network and by Alira Health, an international consultancy that provides a suite of integrated services designed to help companies in the healthcare and life sciences sectors.

Invest with the professionals

Invest in the same opportunities and at the same price as professional investors. We also invest in every company we publish; we are confident in our selection.


If you've never been to Invested and have questions about how biotech investing works, we'd be happy to talk to you.


1. Find vetted and approved investment opportunities

All investment opportunities published on our platform have been analyzed by our own business and science experts, by the BioExpert Networkan independent network of business and science professionals, and by Alira Health, an international consultancy that provides a suite of integrated services designed to help companies in the healthcare and life sciences sector.

Only 3% of the companies that reach Capital Cell make it through our filter.

Investing in startups is inherently risky. We invite you to contact the company directly and to study the information included in its campaign page.

  • How we analyze companies

    Before publishing an investment opportunity, we check a number of parameters about the company and its promoters:

    • the history of the financial statements
    • the annual accounts deposited in the commercial registry
    • the credit and liquidity situation
    • financial statements: balance sheet and income statement
    • cash flow analysis: cash in and cash out forecasts by month
    • budget analysis: 4-year revenue and expenditure forecasts
    • documentation related to the judicial, tax and social security situation.
    • documentation evidencing intellectual and industrial property rights
    • the proposed pre-money valuation
    • peakfunding and runway: the company's cash requirements

    Here you can see in detail what our due diligence consists of.

  • How to contact companies

    You can request a meeting with the company or ask what you are interested in knowing directly through the company's campaign page.
    Each month, Capital Cell invites investors registered on the platform to participate in the events it organizes with the companies as well as in the live interviews it conducts with the companies' founders.

2. Invest with professional investors

All the investment opportunities we publish are led by an experienced business angel or investor who has thoroughly analyzed the company and negotiated its value. With this, we add another filter to the selection of companies and reduce the investment risk.

  • Steps to make an investment

    1. Click on the "Invest" button on a campaign page.
    2. Indicate the amount you want to invest.
    3. Add your billing details.
    4. Choose your payment method: credit card or bank transfer.
    5. Sign the investment agreement.
    6. Confirm your investment.
  • Where does my money go?

    After investing through Capita Cell, your money will go neither to Capital Cell nor to the company you invest in, but is transferred to a deposit account held by a financial institution authorized by the Bank of Spain. The money will only be delivered to the company when the financing round is completed and when the company has registered the transaction before a notary. If it fails to do so, the money will be returned to you free of charge.

3. Build your portfolio - diversify

The essence of investment crowdfunding is to have the opportunity to make small investments with high impact and high profitability. At Capital Cell you will be able to invest in companies that have a 10-50% chance of making a profit, but if they do they will multiply your money by 5, 20 or 100; therefore, you should invest in more than one company.

4. Exit from investment - multiply your money

Exit from investment is the manner and timing in which a company expects to return to its investors the amount they invested with profits. In general, payback can occur 2-6 years after the initial investment. Sometimes it may take much longer or even not occur in cases where the company is not successful.

  • Most common investment outflows in case of success

    • The company buys back your shares thanks to its revenue stream
    • You sell your shares to a third party: a larger company or a competitor buys the company in which you have Invested
    • The company goes public and you sell your shares at market price.


Minimum investments starting at €100 to diversify your investments

Same conditions as professional investors

Carried Interest ("carry") of 6% at the time of divestment

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14000+ registered investors

21000+ investments made

2250 average investment per investor

2,000,000€ largest round

77,000,000 invested

93.7% of rounds successfully closed

We believe that transparency and investor protection are essential in a financing model such as equity crowdfunding.
We invite you to contact us at contact us to ask any questions about the opportunities we present to you.










You no longer need to be rich to invest in companies.

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