Where does my money go when I invest?



When you invest in a company through Capital Cell, we will ask you to transfer the money to a deposit account, instead of sending it directly to the company.


This is done for security. Capital Cell The Spanish Financial Services, together with a financial entity specially designated by the Spanish financial authorities, holds your investment in a deposit account (escrow account) until the amount required for the campaign to be considered successful is reached, and until routine anti-money laundering checks are completed. Once this occurs, the full amount invested is transferred to the target company of the project.


This escrow account guarantees that only clean money can access the investment round, and also guarantees that the target Company will receive the investment only if the deal has been properly executed.

Marketpay is a solution offered by SOCIALPAY, S.L. for the management of payments and escrow accounts, which allows Capital Cell to control transactions and payments made by the platform's investor users. In addition, Marketpay uses double-layer Blockchain technology for maximum security in transactions, avoiding fraud and complying with anti-money laundering regulations.

SOCIALPAY S.L. is a Spanish company, with offices in Barcelona, Carrer de la Llacuna 161, tel. 935556558, listed in the Mercantile Registry of Barcelona with CIF ES B-66766700.

Pecunia Cards E.D.E., S.L.. is registered as an electronic money institution with the Bank of Spain under number 6707 with offices at Guzmán El Bueno, nº 133 - Edificio América - Bajo B - 28003 Madrid.

Pecunia acts as a service provider for CapitalCell, offering payment gateway, escrow account management, wire transfer services and chargeback management.