Fab’entech is a privately owned biopharmaceutical SME based in Lyon (France) and created in 2009, which develops immunotherapies to address situations of emergency. In an environment where the globalization of trade accelerates the spread of epidemics and where the geopolitical context increases the risk of bioterrorist attacks, nations should be prepared to address various situations of public health & medical emergency. However, there is generally no real therapeutic option to fight acute symptoms arising from these neglected indications.

Based on its horse F(ab’)2 platform, a fully-derisked technology in-licensed from Sanofi Pasteur, Fab’entech aims to provide therapeutic solutions in the fields of biodefense, drug intoxication and infectious disease.

After having developed Fabenflu®, a product indicated for the treatment of avian influenza (H5N1) in human, Fab’entech is currently focusing on 3 products: a biodefense antidote developed in collaboration with the French army, a treatment for drug intoxication developed in a confidential indication, and an Ebola therapy developed with the support of the European Commission after having been identified by the WHO as the unique therapeutic solution in Europe in 2014.

Fab’entech is seeking investors to complete a fundraising round by early-2018. It is also looking for industrial partners to distribute future Fab’entech’s products and / or to co-develop polyclonal immunotherapies in additional indications of emergency, including intoxications and nosocomial infectious diseases.

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